New MYTH Kickstarter In March & Official Story Quest Contest!

February 16, 2015 by brennon

The folks at Megacon Games are going to be heading back to the world of fundraising that is Kickstarter in March, specifically March 9th! See what they have in store for MYTH as well as a Story Contest to get your creative juices flowing!

Myth Shores of Kanis #1

This Kickstarter will be called MYTH: Journeyman and will feature a number of expansions (we assume) including the one above named Shores of Kanis. The current teaser article talks about the enemies you’ll be facing further abroad including this little chap…

“Bred as guard dogs for the Anokis, they protect their masters unfailingly as they wreak havoc across the battlefield. The Okis are lightly armored and trained to hunt in packs with precision. If an Anokis is in the area, the Okis always move to its side, ready to give their life in the defense of their master.”

Myth Shores of Kanis #2

It’s not just the little creatures that are showing up however as the Anokis are also stepping up to make life hard for your heroes as they battle against the shadows…

“Powerful warriors created by the god-king Anunkara, all Anokis wield a pair of khopeshes blessed by Aluki priests. This blessing allows them to penetrate any defense, making them one of the deadliest warriors to patrol Kanis. When travelling with a pack of Okis, an Anokis warrior is near invincible until the Okis guarding him have been dealt with.”

Not bad right? Knowing Megacon these sculpts are going to be fantastic too. Warren mentioned a couple of Weekenders ago as well that a new enemy type is coming your way for the game too, the Commander. We’ll get a look at that soon.

As well as the monsters they’ve also put together an official story competition with Board Game Geek. However, this is no ordinary story. This is a Story Quest

  • Must be a 3 Act Story (like the 3 Acts of Fury of the Fireborne)
  • Must use BASE models for monsters (Grubbers, Muckers, Crawlers, Stalkers, Yardu, Terror). Notice I said [i]model[/i], not [i]monster[/i]. Create your own creature using the Myth models as inspiration if you want. Be creative.
  • Use only tiles from the BASE game – no expansion tiles
  • Keep it PG rated.
  • Items may come from the BASE game OR something you create.
  • Don’t worry about formatting, card creation, etc. The important thing here is story. The winning entry will be edited into the Myth format by someone at MegaCon. Winning content will be printed alongside “official” material.
  • MegaCon Games has final say on any community submitted content.

Sounds pretty good and if you have a story brewing inside you you’ll want to get it out there through this!

Thanks to mistermannindy for this one!

Are you looking forward to Shores of Kanis?

"As well as the monsters they've also put together an official story competition with Board Game Geek..."