Massive Miniatures Grace Updates For Mythic Battles: Pantheon

May 30, 2017 by brennon

Mythic Battles: Pantheon updates us with some more amazing miniature previews for their upcoming game which should be delivered towards the end of 2017. Here we have some of the mighty Titans, Gods & Characters coming to a tabletop soon…

Mythic Battles Preview #1

First of we have someone from the heat of the forge, with Hephaestos standing next to Hector who still looks like a mighty hero even against this hulking God. Talking of hulking warriors that survive in the heat we also have Prometheus here which looks like it’s going to be a joy to paint.

Mythic Battles Preview #4

Moving on from these we’re looking towards another Titan with the utterly superb Atlas. There are going to be some lucky people when they open their Kickstarter packages later this year.

Mythic Battles Preview #2

When it comes to Gods one of the additional models for the Kickstarter was Hermes. You always see him as the skittish and scampering fellow but here he looks just as dangerous, towering over his foes who would deny him a spot on Olympus.

Mythic Battles Preview #3

All of the model previews weren’t just on the large side as they also showed off how some of the regular heroes are looking too. Here we have, for example, Paris & Veteran Heracles standing before Hector…

Mythic Battles Preview #5

It’s nice to see that the quality of the models has come on a bit since Conan. Whilst the regular models for the game were great some of the characters didn’t have quite as much detail. These however really do seem to be on the money.

Last but not least we have the monstrous Manticore!

Mythic Battles Preview #6

You can go and check out some of the other angles on these bigger miniatures elsewhere on the update but this should give you a good idea of what to look forward to.

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"Talking of hulking warriors that survive in the heat we also have Prometheus here which looks like it's going to be a joy to paint..."