Paranoid Miniatures Shows Off The Beastly Master For Click Clack

April 6, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Feast your eyes on the beastly master Paranoid Miniatures are showing off for Mythos. Click Clack looks AWESOME!

PM CC master1

I love all the barnacles and textures they were able to keep on the miniature. He is going to look absolutely EPIC on the table. As quick as they’ve gotten a look at him, he’s being packed up and shipped off for production.

PM CC master2

If you’re going to be heading to Salute (which is awesome for you and I’m totally jealous), be sure to stop by and see Paranoid Miniatures because they should have the game out for demos and you can dive into the world of Mythos!

What do you think of the beastly Click Clack?

"If you're going to be heading to Salute, be sure to stop by and see Paranoid Miniatures..."