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Moon & The Druid Drop Into Zenit’s Nemesis This Month

544 days ago 5

As well as the Kensei releases the folks at Zenit have also got together some releases for Nemesis too. Below you have both Moon and the Druid who are rather different models but both look like they have harnessed types of magical power…

Zenit Welcome Heroes & A Strange Watchtower To Nemesis

572 days ago 12

Despite all the chat about Kensei over the last few weeks Zenit have not forgotten about Nemesis which is their Fantasy game. There are two new models coming up this month with the Great Swordsmith and Atalaya Watchtower…

Meditate Upon Nemesis’ New Mercenary

1037 days ago 0

Over on Kickstarter the Nemesis crowdfunding campaign is swiftly heading towards a new stretch goal which will see the arrival of a new free mercenary miniature.

Check Out the Nemesis Exclusive’s Beautiful Asp

1043 days ago 2

The Nemesis Kickstarter is currently gaining a lot of support and as of me writing this they are only a short amount away from a new Kickstarter exclusive mini.

Zenit Miniatures Hopes to Raise the Juggers for Nemesis

1044 days ago 2

Nemesis a new skirmish game by Zenit Miniatures, is looking to release more miniatures for it’s game: factions and larger miniatures, the Juggers

This June the Juggers of Nemesis Shake Kickstarter

1053 days ago 3

The date for the new Nemesis Kickstarter has been announced. On June 16th, the ground will shake as the Juggers start to arrive.

Nemesis Heading To Kickstarter With Rise Of The Juggers

1107 days ago 0

If you are a fan of Nemesis from Zenit Miniatures then you might want to keep some cash for The Rise of the Juggers Kickstarter coming soon!

The March Minis of Nemesis and Kensei Get Released from Zenit

1123 days ago 4

Zenit Miniatures have had a bunch of minis appear this month for their games Nemesis and Kensei, all of which have just turned up in their webstore.

Nemesis Gets a Little April Alchemy Going

1128 days ago 0

Zenit Miniatures have put out two new concept pieces, previewing the releases that will be appearing in Nemesis this April.

Funky New Characters For Zenit’s Nemesis This January

1184 days ago 3

Check out this months releases for the re-emerging world of Nemesis from Zenit Miniatures.

The Gladiator Doesn’t Fear the Reaper in Nemesis

1198 days ago 0

Two new releases are preparing for Nemesis and Zenit Miniatures have shown off the concept art for both of them.

Pick Up New Taleb Defence For Zenit’s Nemesis

1217 days ago 1

See what you think about exploring the world of Nemesis again with a tweaked set of rules and a new starter set called The Taleb Defence from Zenit Miniatures.

The Terrain of Nemesis is Ready for Sale

1222 days ago 1

Zenit Miniatures came together with Plast Craft Games to bring out a range of terrain for Nemesis and it is now available from their webstore. Just in time for Christmas!

Bigger is Better in the World of Nemesis

1239 days ago 0

In Nemesis mighty monsters named Tomes loom over the other combatants. We meet the first of these colossi, the Tome of the Cult of a Thousand Faces.

Observers Protect the Clan in Nemesis

1240 days ago 1

Zenit Miniatures have put out a preview showing the armoured form of the Observer, protector of the Clans of Orphans in Nemesis.