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A Familiar Face Sets Up a New Gaming YouTube Channel

1545 days ago 7

For those of you who have been wondering what BoW Adam has been up to recently a new gaming channel has appeared on YouTube made by none other than the American gamer himself in his cosy Nerd Bunker.

The Nerd Bunker takes a look at Battle Foam’s Infinity Alpha Bag

1920 days ago 5

Adam dives into the Infinity Alpha Bag from Battle Foam with the aid of his trusty Nerd Bunker.

Mercs CCC Faction Unboxed

Mercs CCC Faction Unboxed

2007 days ago 21

BoW Adam gets the Nerd Bunker off to a flying start with a What’s in the Box video of the CCC faction for a game called Mercs from Mercs Miniatures.

Check out the Nerd Bunker! Our new set in the USA

2008 days ago 39

BoW Adam introduces the Nerd Bunker! Our new set over in the USA. See what he has to say and check out his new set-up.