There’s a New City on the Horizon From Systema Gaming

September 28, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Futera City

Looking for more terrain for your 28mm Sci-Fi tables? Then check out the cool stuff by Systema Gaming!

Futera City 2

They are dropping hints on their Systema Gaming Facebook page- a couple of pictures for their up coming Futera City, which looks to me like it would be perfect for Infinity, among other things! The line has modular pieces with all kinds of cool little details for add ons like signs and gardens or ventilation units.

Futera City 2

Systema’s terrain is high quality, laser cut MDF and looksd amazing! Their original Base-0 Sci-Fi line has some really great modular pieces that would fit right in with the likes of Deadzone.


Will you be playing your games be played in Futera City?