Attack Fighter Expansion for Star Trek: Attack Wing Coming Soon!

November 24, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Attack Wing1

NECA/WizKids are pleased to announce that December will be launching the Dominion 1st Wave Attack Fighters Expansion Pack for their Star Trek: Attack Wing!

Attack Wing 2

Attack Wing 4

Attack Squadrons can serve many functions thanks to the different Squadron Upgrades present. Escort will buff the defensive capabilities of a friendly ship while Cover Fire can be used to increase the defensive capabilities of the Squadron itself. For an offensive advantage, try Flanking to combine firepower with another ship, or even Break of Formation to get a hit in before the combat phase begins!

Attack Wing 3

Attack Wing 5

Try out Wave Cannons and Phaser Banks to buff your attack as well! With so many choices, players will have fun adding the Attack Squadron to their 200 point Dominion build as they attempt to thwart the Federation/Klingon alliance as they attempt the Break Formation Mission.

Are you looking forward to this Attack Wing Expansion in December?