Punkapocalyptic’s Junkers Put Crowbars To Good Use

September 25, 2015 by brennon

Another of the new reinforcements for Bad Roll Games’ Punkapocalyptic has made herself known. This Junker, made in cooperation with RN EStudios, looks like she isn’t afraid of heading off into the contaminated wasteland in search of some good salvage…


I’m really liking the look of these wasteland survivors from Bad Roll Games and it’s certainly showing that this ‘Mad Max’ style game wasn’t just a fad. I think people are particularly drawn to this idea of a world reset scenario on the tabletop as it allows for so many possibilities as hobbyists.

While it might seem rather simple I’d love to see someone make a desert dune board with a ramshackle outpost sticking out of the middle, garages within it packed with interesting automobiles.

Are you still riding the wave of the post-apocalyptic?

"...it's certainly showing that this 'Mad Max' style game wasn't just a fad"