Scibor Find Something Strange in Their Easter Egg

March 23, 2015 by dracs

Scibor Monstrous definitely seem to be getting into the Easter celebrations as they preview a new sculpt of what must be the most disturbing Easter egg to have ever existed.

Scibor Egg Sculpture

This, my friends, is an egg that someone seems to have filled with one of Dante’s circles of Hell. Not exactly the usual chocolaty treat we expect from an Easter Egg.

This latest egg sculpt continues with Scibor’s tradition of bringing their own twist to traditional holiday icons. Indeed, it’s not the strangest thing to hatch out of a Scibor egg.

Easter Promo

The Easter surprise in these eggs, which are currently available on the Scibor webstore, appears to be the monster from The Thing. Somehow, I don’t think that alien would have been quite as scary coated in a coloured egg shell.

Will you celebrate Easter with Scibor?

"An egg that someone seems to have filled with one of Dante's circles of Hell."

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