The Warp Stalkers Out In Force From Chapter House

September 16, 2013 by brennon

Chapter House have some new releases up on their store of both an alien and human variety. Admittedly the human release isn’t that fantastic but first up are the Warp Stalkers which you can see below…

The Warp Hunter #1

The Warp Hunter #2

At first glance I’m not really a fan of these models. I think the ones wielding the hand weapons and pistols are better but their weapons, much like the second image above, are just too big and clumsy looking. They look like they’d fall over if they tried to swing them around.

Maybe with a bit of weapons swapping they would look nice and alternate Aspect Warriors but right now I think it’s a no from me.

Imperial Guard Infantry Accessory Kit

The guys from Chapter House have also provided us with the Imperial Guard Infantry Accessory Kit which gives you some bits and pieces to add to your army of the Imperium. While this is a neat little pack of bits I’m fairly sure most people will have bits like this from their sprues already sitting around in a box of plastic somewhere.

If you don’t have access to a bitz box then this could be worth the investment but most seasoned collectors of the Imperial Guard will have them already.

Now we just wait for those ace looking ‘Aegis Defence Line’ replacements to come out!

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