Warploque Miniatures Give You Some Alternative ArcWorlde Leaders

May 26, 2015 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures have put together a collection of alternative heroes that could lead your ragtag forces into battle across the fields of ArcWorlde. See what you think of the new Jungle Gremlin, Undead, Bayourk, Halfling, Albionnican and Wild Elven Chieftains out now…

Leading The Charge!

At the head of this motley crew is the Jungle Gremlin you can see below who has found himself quite the prestigious ride. I love how he has even gone as far as to safeguard himself against the snapping jaws of these vicious birds. I wonder if he takes that off before battle?

Alternate Jungle Gremlin Big Chief

Alternate Undead Pirate Captain

Alternate Bayourk Chieftain

I think all of these are pretty awesome and it’s a testament to the sculpting still of the minds behind Warploque. The amount of character and depth that they breath into these miniatures is wonderful and it’s nice to see them being able to get more creative and come up with alternative sculpts so everyone doesn’t have the same forces.

Alternate Halfling Captain

Alternate Albionnican Captain

Alternate Wild Elven Warchief

I love the arty style of these sculpts, as if they’ve been dragged from the very pages themselves into creation. The proportion emphasises that and give a sense of the uncanny when you look at them. I reckon they’re going to look even better when painted.

Which is your favourite?

"I love the arty style of these sculpts, as if they've been dragged from the very pages themselves into creation..."