Wild West Exodus Sneak Peek at Boss for the Watchers!

November 8, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

WWE new factions

Hold on to your hats, Wild West and Sci-Fi fans, because a glimpse at a stat card for the Watchers (coming in 2015) looks like they are opening the door for some Cowboys Vs. Aliens!

Wild West Exodus just can’t help themselves and are offering some very cool glimpses into the future for their Unfinished Business campaign coming in 2015, which introduces 4 new factions to the game. Today’s hint is a stat card for Alpha I, the Boss for the Watchers and he looks like trouble!

WWE Alpha boss

An extra surprise from WWE, is a peek at some of the Special Rules we will be seeing in the new campaign, with everything from biological and chemical to Sci-Fi/physical damage! It looks like things are about to get very interesting!

WWE special rules

What do you think of introducing some cowboys vs. aliens into Wild West?

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