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Stunning Adventurer Models In Two Scales Heading To KS From Nocturna

327 days ago 12

If you’ve been looking for some stunning new adventurers to add to your collection, then you absolutely need to watch for the latest Kickstarter from Nocturna: The Quest, launching September 5th. Gorgeous, new minis in two different scales to speak to both the gamers and painters will be heading this way soon.

A Crazed Wizard Joins Nocturna Models’ The Quest Kickstarter

445 days ago 5

Nocturna Models have already added to their Kickstarter campaign for The Quest. Here we have the rather crazed looking Wizard known as Andvare who looks like he’d make a fantastic addition to any mage-lovers collection…

Nocturna Head Off On A New Quest Against A Deadly Dragon

447 days ago 2

Nocturna Models are now on Kickstarter with their project called The Quest. This sees two heroes facing off against the deadly dragon known as Kaeghar!

Nocturna Models Invite You To Take On The Quest

475 days ago 3

Nocturna Models have begun a rather interesting project called The Quest. Their aim is to create a range of different character models which not only give you interesting miniatures to paint but also a narrative to explore.

Nocturna Call Up Fenrir & A Giant For Their 30mm Norse Range

679 days ago 5

Nocturna Models have called up more ancient Norse creatures for their 30mm range of figures. Both the Ice Giant and Fenrir have been added to their collection and they look fantastic…

Embrace The Darkness With New Nocturna Malefic Characters

694 days ago 8

Nocturna Models have added four new characters to their range of 30mm Malefic characters. If you like the idea of Gothic characters that would be at home in the likes of World of Darkness then check them out…

Nocturna Models Sculpt The Norse Gods On IndieGoGo

957 days ago 11

See how Nocturna Models are shaping up with their new Ragnarok IndieGoGo campaign that is currently running offering you the chance to get a sculpt of Thor, Freya and Loki!