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Artizan Designs – New Grim Prairie Tales Previews

14 days ago 2

Artizan Designs have announced two new minis for North Star Military Figures game Dracula’s America: Shadows of the West.

North Star Now Selling Frostgrave Single Sprues

16 days ago 7

North Star is now selling single sprues from the existing plastic kits available for Frostgrave by Osprey Games.

North Star Form Up A Sample Posse In Dracula’s America

42 days ago 2

North Star Military Figures have provided a sample of the kind of posse you can expect to find running around in the upcoming game Dracula’s America.


Weekender XLBS: What’s Your Next Big Project?

54 days ago 52

Welcome to Backstage where we
relax, talk about what hobby we’ve
been up to and discuss some topics
maybe you’d like to feedback on.

New Plastic Goblins 3Ups Previewed From North Star

58 days ago 13

North Star has shown off some sneaky peeks at the Goblins that are going to become a plastic set in the near future.

North Star Go Back To Dwarven Roots With New Plastic Minis

63 days ago 10

North Star Military Figures have revealed a new set of plastic dwarves which should hopefully be available in the near future.

Stalk Through Dracula’s America With Osprey & North Star In August

70 days ago 5

Osprey Publishing is teaming up with North Star once again as they plan their new pre-order campaign for Dracula’s America which will see you fighting through a haunted and foreboding American West

Follow An Ulterior Motive With New Frostgrave Supplement

93 days ago 1

North Star and Osprey Games are looking to bring a new supplement to the world of Frostgrave with Ulterior Motives.

The High Flying US Rocket Corp Soar In From North Star

111 days ago 6

Joining the collection over on their webstore the folks at North Star now have some US Rocket Corps, ready to take to the skies.

Frostgrave Just Got A Lot Cooler With A Barbarian Riding A Woolly Rhino

113 days ago 10

North Star Military Miniatures has released in limited quantiies this really cool miniature.


Weekender: Mantic’s Warpath Renewed & Kicking Off Guild Ball Week!

118 days ago 266

We’ve got some mega-prizes for you this weekend as we talk Guild Ball and Mantic’s Warpath…

North Star & Osprey Games Hint At New Fantasy Miniatures Range

126 days ago 19

Dwarves, Elves, and Goblins are coming from North Star Military Miniatures and Osprey Games. Is there a new game in the future?

Frostgrave’s Kornovik Mounts Up On His Woolly Rhino

155 days ago 9

If you’ve been enjoying the look of the Barbarians in Osprey’s Frostgrave then you’ll be happy to hear that one of the characters from the cover art, Kornovik, is getting his own miniature.

1864 Danish Dragoons Available Now From North Star

174 days ago 7

If you’re riding out to do battle during the Second Schleswig War then you’re going to need yourself some cavalry. How about the Danish Dragoons from North Star?

Head To The Tropics With Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago

195 days ago 12

Coming in September of 2017 Osprey Games are going to be launching Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago which will take you away from the snow and instead dump you in the jungle surrounded by crumbling ruins.