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Novus Designs Create Flexible 15mm Tabletop Rivers & Roads

447 days ago 7

You can go with the flow thanks to Novus Designs who have come up with some 15mm Rivers & Roads which you can use to add to your tabletops across any genre.

Grow Your Medieval Town With New Terrain By Novus Design

581 days ago 3

Novus Design Studios have expanded on their 28mm collection with a new selection of Medieval Terrain. See what you think of their Blacksmith’s Forge, Stone Forge, Outhouse and Well…

Novus Design Studio Announces New 28mm Terrain

850 days ago 6

Novus Design Studio has released nine new pieces for 28mm scale WWII. Nice crisp detail will make anyones’ table standout.

Ruined City Block Terrian From Novus Design Studio

941 days ago 3

Novus Design Studio has released a cool new line of 15mm ruined terrain for your tables. The building come in a variety of building heights and straight and corner fronts. Perfect to add character to your table.