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Oathsworn Get Back To Burrows & Badgers Sculpting

53 days ago 6

Oathsworn Miniatures have taken to social media to show off some of the sculpting they’ve been doing for their growing Burrows & Badgers range. Animal Adventures ahoy!

Oathsworn Add New Models During Final Hours Of Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

149 days ago 5

Oathsworn Miniatures have shown off some of the new models that have been unlocked as they move towards the final few hours on Kickstarter for Sensible Shoes II.

Oathsworn Dungeon Delve With More Sensible Shoes Heroines

157 days ago 16

Continuing their theme of creating fantastic characters for your dungeon delving and skirmish games Oathsworn Miniatures have now launched Sensible Shoes II on Kickstarter.

Put On Sensible Shoes For Oathsworn’s Next Adventure On Friday

165 days ago 8

Oathsworn Miniatures are going to be putting on their Sensible Shoes and heading to Kickstarter to fund a whole range of new Female Adventurers this Friday.

Ready Your Knives With Oathsworn’s Rogue

209 days ago 7

Oathsworn Miniatures have previewed another neat miniature from an upcoming project which might begin to grow their Sensible Shoes range of female characters.

Community Painting Picks – Kingdom Death, Warmahordes & Goblin Raiders

220 days ago 17

Come and join us for another round of Community Painting Picks where we delve into the weird with Kingdom Death…and the monstrous creations of Warmachine & Hordes.

Burrows & Badgers Rules Online & At Salute This Weekend

233 days ago 7

Oathsworn Miniatures originally thought that their Burrows & Badgers Rules would be available at the UK Games Expo but they are now going to be taking them to Salute too!

A Bardic Heroine Joins Oathsworn’s Sensible Shoes Kickstarter

310 days ago 2

The Oathsworn Heroines In Sensible Shoes Kickstarter is doing exceptionally well and that means we’re seeing a new addition to this band of female adventurers. The newest addition is the Bard…

Oathsworn To Launch New Heroines Kickstarter On Monday

314 days ago 10

Oathsworn Miniatures are going to be launching a new Kickstarter campaign on Monday 25th of January which will bring a new range of Female Adventurers to the tabletop for use in your skirmish games and role-playing games…

Oathsworn Preview Upcoming Female Adventurer Miniatures

373 days ago 7

Oathsworn are readying up for another Kickstarter where they are planning on bringing a whole range of new Female Adventurers to the tabletop for use in skirmish games and role-playing games…

Get Drunk With Oathsworn’s Legless Nev The Weasel

426 days ago 4

Oathsworn Miniatures are coming up on the final day of their current Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter. With that in mind they’ve shown off a fantastic sculpt for Legless Nev The Weasel and shown off how they sculpted him too…

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

Weekender: Warmachine Team Championships & Andy Chambers Talks Dropfleet

434 days ago 72

Oathsworn’s Animal Adventurers Raid Kickstarter Once Again

439 days ago 5

Oathsworn take to Kickstarter as well today in a flurry of fundraisers at the end of September looking to raise money for more of their animal adventurers and warriors in Burrows & Badgers Freelances…

More Animal Heroes Flock To Oathsworn’s Banner

442 days ago 1

Three new models have now been added to social media by Oathsworn ahead of the release of their new Kickstarter focusing on adding additional heroes and villains to the world of Burrows & Badgers. See what you think of them…

Oathsworn Show Us How An Otter Adventurer Gets Made

444 days ago 3

Ahead of their latest Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter Oathsworn gave us a look at the steps that went into making one of their miniatures. Will you be helping this Otter or hunting him down?