Oathsworn Disturb The Dragon Beneath Their Mountain!

October 2, 2013 by brennon

The Oathsworn Miniatures Heroes Kickstarter is drawing to a close with four days left to go but that hasn’t stopped them unleashing their Dragon onto the battlefields and role-play maps of your gaming room.

Oathsworn Dragon

Oathsworn Dragon (Alt)

First up we have the green work-in-progress version of the Dragon. This is actually more of a Wyvern considering it is missing it’s front two legs but it’s awesome all the same. I guess we could dive into that discussion again but let’s not!

It looks like it spends it’s time underground, slinking through caves looking for unfortunate adventurers who have wandered too far away from the main party. Never split the party!!!

Oathsworn Dragon (Metal)

They have also gone as far as to cast this model too. It looks like quite the mighty beast and a lot of metal too! You could easily get a pledge in for this chap and have him on your role-playing table as the next big boss for your friends D&D campaign.

Will you be pledging for this Dragon?