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Oddity Share Some Of Their Futuristic Pit Fighting Gladiators!

949 days ago 4

See what you think of some of the upcoming artwork and miniature designs for Oddity Games Pit Fighters. This is going to be a sci-fi brawler in big mechanised pits of death!

Oddity Root Around IndieGoGo With The Hogman

1279 days ago 2

Check out Oddity Miniatures’ newest addition to their fundraiser, the Hog Man.

Oddity Summon Up The Orc Hordes On IndieGoGo

1289 days ago 4

Check out these pretty awesome looking Orcs from Oddity Miniatures.

Oddity Miniatures Pledge Themselves To A Dark Paladin

1293 days ago 3

Check out this Dark Paladin that has been finished by Oddity Miniatures.