The All-Father Odin Comes To Of Gods & Mortals

July 24, 2014 by brennon

Over on their Facebook page the folks at North Star teased an image of the mighty Odin that will soon be joining their range of miniatures for Of Gods & Mortals

Of Gods & Mortals Odin

The kit is going to be available as a resin piece and will contain no less than thirteen different components for you to get your fingers stuck to with superglue. He comes with two hounds, his ravens and stands at 40mm tall. The mighty All-Father will be joined by Zeus soon as well so you can have a mighty God-Off in the near future.

The sculpt really is looking brilliant and alongside the existing Thor and Fenrir you have quite the mythological collection to get your hands on.

Have you played Of Gods & Mortals? If so, is it any good?