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Beautifully Detailed Resin Minis In Olde World Mini Kickstarter


If you’re looking to add some warriors or sorcerors to your warbands, then you need to check out the Welcome To The Olde World Kickstarter from Olde World Miniatures. This mini Kickstarter is bringing out 5 minis to be part of their game, Carpathia, in the future.

Anakron Sculpt Another Version Of Luci & Spot


I wonder if this newer version of Luci & Spot will change your mind on the sculpt from Anakron Miniatures?

Anakron Sculpts Luci & Spot For Olde World Miniatures


Olde World Miniatures add a female Lucifer to their range of miniatures. What do you think of this devilish damsel?

Help Fund The Production Of Olde World’s First Miniatures!


Check out these awesome looking miniatures that are hopefully going to come to fruition via the power of Kickstarter.