Olleys Armies Take The Scrunts To A World of Steampunk

September 24, 2013 by brennon

If you’ve been interested in taking your Dwarfs into a variety of different worlds, be they fantasy or sci-fi then Olleys Armies Scrunts are just the ticket. It looks like they will be heading to Kickstarter soon too with their new Steampunk Scrunts!

Victorian Steam Punk Scrunts (Front)

Scrunt #1

Scrunt #2

Scrunt #3

Victorian Steam Punk Scrunt (Rear)

These guys look like they could be a pretty special addition to someones collection and they would work very well with the Puresteam RPG where you do in fact take your fantasy races from Pathfinder into the world of cogs and whirring gizmos.

The Kickstarter that they have planned will allow them to design, mould and cast the pieces and it’s coming very soon indeed.

Are you a fan of Olleys Scrunts?