On the Table is Back!

November 5, 2012 by warzan

That’s right folks, On The Table is on its way back to your screens for another Season, this time however we have teamed up with those fine folk over at Geek and Sundry to continue spreading the awesomeness that is our hobby!

This season, YOU can be a GAMING AND GEEK HERO! and actually help in the creation of the show, we have set up a special place (Muuaah ha ha haaa!) where you can submit all kinds of Gaming goodness to appear in the show, and if your submission is used, you will get a shoutout in the show credits! (That has got to be worth some Geek points eh?)

So get submitting and be sure to subscribe to the Geek and Sundry channel on youtube and join us on the 15th November to kick off the first episode!

Submit your stories and events to the show - CLICK HERE

Submit your stories and events to the show – CLICK HERE

If your new to tabletop gaming or this is your first visit to Beasts of War, well we’d like to welcome you to the greatest gaming community in the world, who all happen to share the greatest hobby in the world. So please feel free to browse around, and enjoy the amazing selection of awesome games and incredible miniatures, and if you signup for a free account and log in you can chat or discuss gaming with other members of the community, and basically settle in!

Ohh and you can catch past episodes of On The Table here.

Massive thanks to everyone in the community for bearing with us during the wait for the show to return (We know its been a little protracted!), this is just the first of a few major and exciting things that are going to take place over the coming weeks, to entertain you and keep you plugged into the greatest hobby in the world!

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