On The Table s6 ep1: Malifaux 2E, Battlestar & Tour of Duty!

August 20, 2013 in Fantasy, Fantasy Wargaming, Featured, On The Table, Role Playing Games, SCI FI Wargaming, SciFi by warzan

…and we’re back! On The Table has returned to bring you a slice of the tabletop gaming world and serve up a portion of shiny syndrome too! We’ve missed you guys and in this first episode we have a look at some of the awesome miniatures coming to Malifaux in its 2nd Edition, the brilliant expansion to Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game and much, much more including Infinity and Flames of War too!

We also take a look at some parts of our gaming world that aren’t as good looking!

On the Table Season 6 Ep 1

As well as that we have an awesome prize for you, a copy of Firefly: The Game. All you have to do to win is comment below.

We promised one of you a prize last series too and the lucky winner of the first of our copies of Firefly: The Game is…


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