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The House Hollister First Sons Are Looking Flash From Onslaught

131 days ago 2

Onslaught Miniatures has previewed more from their growing 15mm scale range set to the backdrop of the grim dark future. See what you think of the House Hollister First Sons Vanguard for the Terran forces.

House Krasnov’s Honor Guard Marches To War From Onslaught

137 days ago 1

Growing their range of 15mm miniatures, Onslaught is now working on another of the Houses from Terra. Here we have House Krasnov’s Infantry.

Onslaught Show Off Sci-Fi & Fantasy Hellborn In 10/15mm

175 days ago 6

Onslaught has previewed some of their upcoming Hellborn Flesh Reavers who would be epic daemons to include as part of your Chaotic armies.

Onslaught Miniatures Shows Off WIP’s For The Terran PPF Pacifiers

184 days ago 1

Onslaught Miniatures has managed to squeeze a ton of sci fi goodness into a tiny package with this week’s WIP Wednesday peek. Have a look at the Terran Planetary Police Force Pacifiers!

Lay Down The Law With Onslaught’s Terran PPF

204 days ago 4

Onslaught Miniatures have shown off both the 6mm and 15mm scale work-in-progress models for the Terran PPF (Planetary Police Force) which will be coming soon.

Onslaught Miniatures’ House Hollister Arms Themselves

233 days ago 4

The 6mm world of Onslaught Miniatures is soon to gain some additional forces in the form of the Terran army. House Hollister makes up a bulk of that faction and you can see some of them within.

The Talos Syndicate Walkers Stride Out Of Onslaught Miniatures

400 days ago 9

Onslaught Miniatures have previewed a couple of new walkers for their 15mm Sci-Fi world. These might seem familiar too you but here below we have some Talos Syndicate Walkers, the Impaler and the Marauder…

Onslaught Glide In With Upcoming 15mm Stygian Vehicles

519 days ago 7

If you’re looking to build up your dark and enthralled Stygian army in 15mm then Onslaught have previewed some of the upcoming vehicles that will be coming soon to their webstore. See what you think of their Vampire Gliders and Shadow Destroyer…

The Hellborn Of Onslaught Bring Out The 6mm Big Guns

610 days ago 3

Adding to the 6mm range from Onslaught Miniatures we have a preview of the Hera MBT which will be joining the Hellborn faction…

Drop Into The Conflict with Onslaught Miniatures

640 days ago 6

Onslaught Miniatures have been showing off some more of their smaller scale Sci-Fi miniatures. The newest piece of kit is the Veritas Drop Craft for the Sisterhood which are available in both 6mm and 15mm…

Onslaught Miniatures Previews WIP’s For War Hounds

649 days ago 4

Onslaught Miniatures has some War Hounds on the way. These hounds will be ready to assist the Denizens and Mercenaries in their dirty work.

Onslaught Miniatures Show Off Upcoming Sisterhood & Hellborn

696 days ago 3

Onslaught Miniatures have been showing off some more of their 15mm scale models. Both the Sisterhood and the Hellborn are getting new stuff which includes a lot of special weapons to use on your foes…

Onslaught’s Hellborn To Be Joined By New Demons & Fallen Sisters Soon

716 days ago 3

Onslaught Miniatures have shown off the latest array of previews for their 15mm range and the new additions to the Hellborn faction. See what you think of both the deadly Demons and Fallen Sisters who are baying for blood…

Onslaught Miniatures Add To Their 6mm Hellborn Range

737 days ago 5

Onslaught Miniatures have been showing off some of the previews for their 6mm Hellborn Faction that will be no doubt finding ways to corrupt and destroy your empire on the battlefield with both their Armoured Squads and Discordia Teams…

Onslaught Miniatures Bolster Their 6mm Sisterhood Army

816 days ago 4

Onslaught Miniatures have shown off some additional previews and such for their Sisterhood Command that is coming soon for 6mm as well as a whole range of neat vehicles and walkers they already produce!