Fight Ancient Battles Of Rome And Carthage In Onus! On Kickstarter Now

October 16, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Ever imagined taking command of a Roman Legion and fighting battles to help expand the Roman Empire? How about being a General in the Carthaginian Army determined to push the Romans from those lands you believe rightfully belong to you?

Love wargaming but sometimes dread all the assembly and painted of many miniatures? You just might find the answer to all of these questions and many more with Onus! Rome vs Carthage 2nd Edition by Draco Ideas. This unique game uses cards to simulate your troops and auxiliaries for your respective army and movement is pretty straightforward, with the movement points printed on each unit.

Actions maybe taken by the use of action cards that can be played when the time  is appropriate for an attack, defensive or counter-attack action.

There is also a couple of other expansions included in this Kickstarter game based on the level you pledge at. You can add Greeks and Persians, with Spartans and a scenery and fortress expansion for those that wish to add some more variety in their games.

This looks to be a nice alternative when you with to get together with some friends and game and don’t want to lug all your minis to someone’s house. According to the Kickstarter page the 1st edition is a best seller in Spain, however I am not familiar with this game; maybe some of our international members have had a chance to play this and can let us know what they think.

Interested? Then check out their Kickstarter page for more information.

Do you think this is a good alternative for a miniatures battle?

"Love wargaming but sometimes dread all the assembly and painted of many miniatures?"

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