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Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

68 days ago 125

Join us as we dive into the news from the week!

The Dark Tower Range Comes To Otherworld Miniatures

70 days ago 12

Otherworld Miniatures bring the Dark Tower AD&D Module to life with their new heroes and villains!

Play In The Mud With Otherworld’s Mudmen

79 days ago 4

Otherworld Miniatures have released a pair of Mudmen into their Wilderness Encounters range, making the prospect of getting stuck in the mud a far scarier prospect.

Otherworld Create A Celebratory UK Games Expo Miniature

147 days ago 6

Otherworld Miniatures have created a rather awesome looking Orc Miniature for the team at the UK Games Expo as they celebrate their 10th Anniversary…

The Monstrous Huge Elemental Is Rocking Into Otherworld

196 days ago 7

A mighty looking Elemental is coming soon from Otherworld Miniatures for those of you who appear to be struggling to crush adventuring parties into a fine sticky paste…

Orcus Takes Shape From Otherworld Miniatures

222 days ago 3

Otherworld Miniatures have taken to social media to show off their latest take on Orcus. This is a creature that will certainly end up being the final boss in some long running campaign. See what you think of the sculpt…

Otherworld Lord Over the Undead With Upcoming Orcus

243 days ago 2

Otherworld Miniatures are soon to be overrun with the undead as they prepare to release Orcus, Prince of the Undead.

Otherworld Let The Dogs Out With New Hyenadons

292 days ago 1

Coming to support their masters soon we have a look at the Heynadons from Otherworld Miniatures. These baying hounds will be protecting Gnoll Chieftains and Shamans as they try and do their evil work. Will they be able to tie down your adventurers?

Summon Up Shamanistic Power With Otherworld’s Gnoll

302 days ago 4

Otherworld are populating their dungeons with all manner of dark and dangerous creatures including a Gnoll Shaman which is coming soon to supplement their hunting packs with a taste for adventurers…

Otherworld Miniatures Find Satyrs Amongst The Trees

327 days ago 3

Otherworld Miniatures have posted up some more of the previews for their range of dungeon dwellers. See what you think of these Satyrs with a large spear and then another lounging around on a tree branch.

New Treasures & Spiders Are Unearthed By Otherworld

340 days ago 1

Otherworld Miniatures have been showing off the Treasure that lies beneath the earth in tombs and catacombs from ancient times. See what you think of their new designs which are going to be great for objectives…

The Elementals Strike Throughout The Dungeons Of Otherworld

348 days ago 2

Each of the four Elementals have now been released by Otherworld so they can begin to populate your dungeons and threaten the lives of hapless heroes who are not prepared for them! You can get them as a set of four…

Otherworld Chase Heroes With Upcoming Gnoll Archers

354 days ago 5

Sometimes your heroes are the prey in a role-playing game and these Gnoll Archers from Otherworld Miniatures that are coming soon might be the ones to track them down. These come with news that they are also working on a Gnoll Shaman for their own skirmish game…

Tin Man’s Digital Warlock Of Firetop Mountain Kickstarter Is Live

362 days ago 2

The story may be familiar to those who have a past with Fighting Fantasy but Tin Man are now on Kickstarter to fund the digital version of The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain with an new combat system but the same awesome story…

Weekender XLBS: Taking Prince of Persia To Salute & Recycling Game Mechanics

Weekender XLBS: Taking Prince of Persia To Salute & Recycling Game Mechanics

382 days ago 142

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