The Judge’s Guild Range By Otherworld Gets New Fantasy Characters

December 1, 2016 by brennon

If you’re wanting to step into a world of Fantasy then how about looking to the Dark Tower and the Judge’s Guild series of modules? Otherworld Miniatures has put together quite the range of figures for them with some new releases!

Avvakris (Merchant & Ruler)

All of the models you see here have been based on the characters from within those modules so you can play out your adventures with the correct characters on the tabletop. Above you can see Avvakris in his guise as Merchant and High Priest Of Set. Both designs look awesome!

Following on from him we have Haffrung Helleyes who actually has three different guises he assumes when wandering about the world.

Haffrung Helleyes (Three Bodies)

This fellow is an evil magic user in the game and could trick your heroes as he shifts between these three personalities looking to see his plans fulfilled.

In terms of big nasties in your campaign, you can’t get much worse than Balaar The Shaker.

Balaar the Shaker

While the title makes her sound like she’s a dancer she is, in fact, a dangerous half-crocodile, half-woman creature – a Lesser Son of Set. She would not hesitate to protect her master and will prove to be a dangerous boss to face off against in the middle of a sandy dungeon.

Lastly, we also have some White Tower Gnomes!

White Tower Gnomes

They look superb as a little war party that your heroes might encounter in their adventures. The sculpting for this range really is wonderful and is based on new concept art by Jennell Jaquays. The sculpting is from a number of different sources including Paul Muller, Tim Prow, and Drew Williams.

What do you think of the range and do you remember the Dark Tower?

"While the title makes her sound like she's a dancer she is, in fact, a dangerous half-crocodile, half-woman creature - a Lesser Son of Set..."