The Manual of Monsters Brings Elemental Dangers to Otherworld

October 6, 2015 by dracs

Otherworld Miniatures have published a draft of what will be the cover art of their next publication; the Manual of Monsters!

Otherworld Manual of Monsters

We’ve said before how much we all love a good monster manual and, given Otherworld’s extensive range of classic dungeon delving critters, this one looks set to hold a plethora of interesting and even nostalgic monsters for our heroes to fight.

The art is bright and vibrant, with a lot going on. It’s very eye catching, with its above and below ground action, and showcases a nice range of the monsters that can be found within the book’s pages. I hope they keep with this draft.

Earth Joins the Elements!

Speaking of monsters, the latest element has joined Otherworld’s upcoming elementals. It’s time to face the crushing power of the earth itself.

Earth Elemental

The Earth Elemental is a huge brute of a creature, that looks as though it is ready to smash you flat into the ground. It’s surprisingly humanoid in appearance, especially when placed alongside its fellow elementals.


I guess this means we’re only missing Heart now.

What are your thoughts on the cover for the monster manual? Which elemental do you like best?

"The art is bright and vibrant, with a lot going on..."