The Otherworld Miniatures Adventurers Got Funded!

November 10, 2012 by brennon

You might remember a while back we looked at Otherworld Miniatures’ Adventurer Fundraiser which would bring some much needed heroes to a dungeon near you. Well, thankfully the campaign got a lot more than they hoped and it was a massive success!

Human Male Adventurer Boxset

Demi-Human Adventurer Boxset

Above is the artwork for the two boxsets. The top image is for the Human Adventurers pack, while the bottom is for the Demi-Human Adventuring pack. Both feature some superb art and hopefully will produce some great miniatures too.


You can see (albeit very small!) some of the miniatures for the Demi-Humans here, including a whole host of Dwarves which is fantastic!

Are you awaiting your heroes from Otherworld?