Otherworld’s Adventurers Head to the IndieGoGo Tavern

September 28, 2012 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures have headed over to IndieGoGo in search of some funding for their line of Dungeon Crawling Adventurers. Check out some of the miniatures that have already been sculpted below…

Magic User, Cleric, Fighter, Thief

The box set will contain twelve human adventurers, but will be followed by female variants, demi-humans, hirelings and henchmen. All of the heroes will be posed in exploration and delving stances rather than combat poses and carry an air of grim dark about them to make them stand out just that little bit more.

Bard, Paladin, Illusionist, Assassin

Monk, Ranger, Druid, Barbarian

Above is just some of the concept art that will be making up the rest of the box set. Something that will please other fans of fantasy is that the female adventurers are going to be modeled in practical and realistic armour, so no chain mail bikinis here! The sculpting on the first selection of heroes is looking great, so it’s a promising start.

So are you looking for some interesting adventurers that could make a home in your campaign?

Check out the rest of their IndieGoGo page and consider pledging.