A New Wave Of Releases From Otherworld Hits!

October 18, 2013 by brennon

Otherworld Miniatures are gearing up to unleash a whole load of miniatures on you as October powers on. See what you like the look of in this bumper pick of Autumn time miniatures…

Adventurers' Cart



First up we have a whole bunch of stores and camping equipment that will help your adventurers as they head out into the wild. This is all perfect for building a narrative experience on the board and I particularly like that Camp Site with all the little gubbins within it. That Cart is also an awesome addition with what looks like an old Rincewind atop it!




Pack-Bearer #2

As well as all the scenery there is a load of miniatures on hand too. This lot look like they are all from a big fantasy world caravan making its way through the wild and would be great as both NPC miniatures and heroes if you wanted someone who looks a little bit more mundane.

Mule-Handler #2

Mercenary Crossbow Woman


Lantern Bearer #2

These all look awesome and I think the paint jobs on them as well do make them all the more desirable. Something about them reminds me of Discworld, maybe it’s just the different professions on offer with their odd outfits? Trust Otherworld to make some more shiny miniatures for our role-playing collection.

Goblin Missile Troops

Of course there might be someone that needs to ambush this trading caravan. Here is where these Goblins come in and they look awesome too! I love the two on the left hand side with the hood and the eye patch. I reckon these would be neat for some monster-heroes in your campaigns!

That’s quite a collection isn’t it!