Whippersnapper Wizards & Old Barbarians Coming From Otherworld

October 11, 2017 by brennon

Looking ahead to some of their newer releases in the next few months Otherworld Miniatures previewed some new heroes ready to go on an adventure or two.

Young Magic User

The first character is the Young Magic User who looks like he may have only just recently been unshackled from the bonds of his master. I think he looks reckless and defiant in his pose and the choice of outfit for him matches well with that old school layer of Fantasy Otherworld do so well.

I like to think that if you were to weave a story around him maybe he’d be the hapless villain. Perhaps he summons something he cannot control or seeks power to achieve what he believes to be a noble goal?

Venerable Warrior

Matched against him perhaps is the more experienced Druid/Barbarian called Silas The Bear based on one of their Dungeons & Dragons characters.

Druid Barbarian

Here we see him as the mild-mannered and jovial looking Druid on his travels, only to have lost his cloak a moment later as he flies into a rage.

Druid Barbarian (Alt)

The call of the wild really does speak to this fellow and I think he’d make a fantastic character to add into the mix whatever class you went with. Sculpted by Drew Williams they look fantastic.

What do you think of the pair?

"I like to think that if you were to weave a story around him maybe he'd be the hapless villain..."