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On the Table: Feed the Community, send us your stories, events, kickstarters, vidoes and freebies!

This is a cool set of forms you can use to send us all the coolest stuff you have about the world of Tabletop Gaming.

We look through everything for all the best bits and use them in the "On the Table" show and we will credit you as the source - sweet hey?

Who Benefits? Other Geeks Just Like You!

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Submitted something? Thank you but please remember...

If you have submitted something to On The Table!

You can rest easy today and bask in your geekness as you have done a great service for your fellow geeks!

Please remember though...

We may not publish or present your tip off in a future episode of On The Table.

We may credit your submitted tip off to someone else who also submitted it.

We may publish your tip off on (again depending on the source you may or may not be credited)

Whatever happens, Thank You for being such an awesome community member and please keep on submitting!

The team at Beasts of War and Geek and Sundry!