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Sci-Fi World Building For Wargames – Harold [ClearHorizon Miniatures]

8 days ago 10

A good background and stories draw us into our wargames. Harold of ClearHorizon Miniatures has written in to give us an idea of what goes into his worldbuilding process…

3 Colours Up – How To Paint Batman (Frank Miller) Part Two

8 days ago 8

Welcome back to Romain’s 3 Colours Up Tutorial where he shows you how to paint Knight Model’s Frank Miller Batman focusing on shading and highlighting today!

Unboxing: New Hard Plastic Reliant & Stormclad!

9 days ago 21

We had a bit of a surprise here in the studio today when Justin and John unboxed the Reliant and Stormclad Warjacks from Cygnar in Warmachine and found out that Privateer Press had taken a HUGE step in offering up the components in a different way…

VLOG – Studio Army Storage System Update

9 days ago 27

We’ve got a little update for you today as we go Backstage at Beasts of War HQ. We show you how we’ve been progressing with the new army storage system we thought up last week.

Tips & Tricks For Role-Playing Game Storytelling

Tips & Tricks For Role-Playing Game Storytelling

9 days ago 38

In a follow up to a role-playing game
article I wrote a few weeks ago I
thought I’d share some of my
experiences with Dungeon/Game
Mastering and Storytelling and a few
of the tips and tricks I’ve picked
up over the years…

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Armoured Chasseurs

10 days ago 18

Rob from Prodos Games has joined John once again for more super detailed Warzone: Resurrection miniatures. This time the guys take a look at an augmented and enhanced Armoured Chasseurs of the Cybertronic Mega-corporation.

Exploring The Game: Legendary Encounters Predator Review

Hunt Or Be Hunted: Legendary Encounters Predator Review

11 days ago 15

The next chapter in the Legendary Encounters
series is Predator! We picked it up at Gen Con
so we could give you the inside scoop.

How many times can we yell

Don’t Panic! Site Issues (We Didn’t Break Stuff…Promise!)

11 days ago 12

Just a quick one here guys. The site is experiencing some problems today, especially for users of BT as a service provider. Inside is a workaround if you’d like to give it a go… PLEASE SHARE

The Desert War: Gaming WW2 in North Africa Part Two – Early Successes

11 days ago 102

The Italians dig in and the British have to work out how to continue their campaign in the second article series from oriskany on The Desert War of World War II. A new leader enters the fray too, Erwin Rommel…

Dungeon Saga: What New Adventures Are Coming Next?

12 days ago 181

With our adventures spent they retire to the tavern to talk of what awaits Dungeon Saga and Mantic in the future. We’ll be talking about new models and adventures as well as showing off some of the painted miniatures you can expect to see…

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Adventure #2 – Into The Depths…

12 days ago 166

Warren is in the mood for another adventure in Dungeon Saga this weekend so he grabs Justin and Rich from Mantic Games and tells another tale.

Dungeon Saga: Let's Play Adventure #1 - Well Met...

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Adventure #1 – Well Met…

12 days ago 246

With both pairs of heroes now making it deeper
into the dungeon it’s time for them to meet up
and continue their story in Dungeon
Saga from Mantic Games.

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special

Weekender XLBS: Dungeon Delving Special

12 days ago 208

As well as enjoying the Dungeon
Saga Weekend you can get stuck
into a Weekender XLBS
where we talk all things
dungeon delving…

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Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Journey From The East!

13 days ago 227

We’ve only met two of our heroes so far and this second adventure in Dungeon Saga by Mantic Games calls on the arcane forces of the Mage (Warren) and the ranged prowess of the Elven Ranger (Justin).

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Journey From The West

13 days ago 267

It’s now time to get our delve on with Dungeon Saga this weekend. Warren and Justin are taking on the roles of the Human Barbarian and Dwarf Fighter while Rich from Mantic controls the undead legions as the evil Overlord.