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SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day One

SmogCon VI 2017 Live Blog: Day One ... 19 UPDATES!

5 days ago 289

Come and join us for SmogCon in Birmingham (UK) as we run you through three days of awesome Warmachine & Hordes gaming fun!

3 Colours Up: Painting Deep Rusted Armour

3 Colours Up: Painting Deep Rusted Armour

6 days ago 9

Today Romain is back in the Hobby
room to show you how to paint
Deep Rusted Armour.

SmogCon Live Blog This Weekend & No Weekender!

6 days ago 4

A reminder that there is No Weekender this weekend as instead we have three days of Live Blogging from SmogCon 2017 to look forward to!

No Members Only

No Members Only

6 days ago 30

Let’s Play: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

6 days ago 8

The Dames of Games are back and
it’s time to open up the Harry Potter
fanbase for a thrilling Hogwarts Battle.


Infinity Sneak Peek: Check Out The Bakunin Moderators!

6 days ago 12
Drop Tactics: Crossbows Locked and Loaded

Drop Tactics: UCM Crossbows Are Locked & Loaded!

7 days ago 4

Today we’re joined by Simon from Hawk Wargames to talk about some awesome units in Dropzone Commander as today we’re looking at the UCM Crossbows.

Drop Tactics XLBS: The UCM Falcon B Soars Into Action

7 days ago 8

In this episode of Drop Tactics with Hawk Wargames we’re finishing off the series on Dropzone Commander with the amazing UCM Falcon B.

Board Game Bento Subscription Service Spread2

Having A Go At Monthly Game Subscription Services – Board Game Bento

8 days ago 12

Q&A Time! Nuclear Shrimp Dive Into The World Of Black Earth

8 days ago 2

We talk with Nuclear Shrimp Games to find out more about the background of their Black Earth Sci-Fi Wargame on IndieGoGo right now.

Coffee Break

Coffee Break

8 days ago 16

Dropfleet Commander Unboxing: Scourge Daemon Battleship

8 days ago 15

Today we’re unboxing the fearsome Scourge Daemon Battleship for Dropfleet Commander from Hawk Wargames.

Let's Play: Wolsung - Market Yard Bank Heist

Let’s Play: Wolsung – Market Yard Bank Heist

9 days ago 19

Welcome to the Cage, Beasts. Lance and Justin return for a battle shrouded in the clouds of steampunk Lyonesse with Wolsung from Micro Art Studio.


The Sands Of El Alamein: Gearing Up For The FoW Boot Camp [Part One]

9 days ago 62

In getting fired up for our Flames Of War 4th Edition Boot Camp we dive into the background of the Desert War with community member oriskany!

Board Game Event Tickets Now Available For The UK Games Expo

9 days ago 3

The UK Games Expo have now made available tickets for their Board Game Events at the convention which runs from the 2nd – 4th of June 2017. Do you have what it takes to beat the best in board games?