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Hobby Time

Hobby Time

5 days ago 22

A Treat For Mythic Battles Backers & Everyone Else With A FREE Account!

5 days ago 32

Welcome Mythic Battles: Pantheon Backers! Come and check out loads of FREE content including interviews and some gameplay too!

Team Yankee Command School: Spearheading the Attack with Reconnaissance

Team Yankee Command School: Spearheading The Attack With Reconnaissance

5 days ago 0

John is joining Phil this week to talk about some methods of using Reconnaissance to aid your team on the tabletop during your games of Team Yankee.

Team Yankee Command School XLBS: Countering Recon With Area Denial

5 days ago 0

In the Frontstage version of the show, Phil showed us how best to use your reconnaissance and how it favours you on the table in Team Yankee and now we’re countering that in XLBS!

Final Hours For Mythic Battles: Pantheon Kickstarter

6 days ago 39

The amazingly fun Kickstarter for Mythic Battles: Pantheon is coming to a close with just a few hours left before we begin the wait until the box comes to our door.

Here Be Bloops

Here Be Bloops

6 days ago 8
Antares Rising: MOD2 Unit Tactics

Antares Rising: MOD2 Unit Tactics

6 days ago 1

Today Chez from Warlord Games
has joined me in the studio to show
us how to use MOD2 Units like the C3M4!

Antares Rising XLBS: Boring A New Hole Into The Enemy

6 days ago 8

This episode will feature the destructive power of Justin’s dice rolls as we discuss just how to counterattack the MOD2.

The Color-ED Terrain Range By PlastCraft Expands To Dropzone Commander!

6 days ago 21

PlastCraft Games add to the ColorED collection with some amazing 10mm Dropzone Commander terrain!


Download Re-Roll Issue #3 Now Last Few Days!

6 days ago 23

Issue 4 will be dropping over the
next few days, so get Issue 3
while you still can.

Army Painter Unboxing: Mega Paint Set

7 days ago 10

John sits down with Romain once more in the painting studio to unbox Army Painter’s latest Mega Paint Set.

Let's Play: Dropfleet Commander

Let’s Play: Dropfleet Commander

8 days ago 37

Welcome Marines, today we’re
dispatching our best Captains
out to the frontlines of Space
in today’s Dropfleet Commander
from Hawk Wargames.

Final Days For Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress With Stretch Goals Galore!

8 days ago 0

Shadows Of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress from Flying Frog Productions is now closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter unlocking some great goodies…


Operation “Sea Lion” Invading England In 1940? [Part Four]

8 days ago 54

It’s make or break time when it comes to Operation Sea Lion. Will the Germans be able to break the back of the British or will they fight back harder than ever?

Weekender XLBS: Would YOU Be In The 25% & Shoot?

Weekender XLBS: Would YOU Be In The 25% & Shoot?

10 days ago 87

Just what is the Bloop?
We try and freak Justin out
with tales from the deep
worthy of a tabletop adventure!