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Unboxing: AVP – Young Bloods

8 days ago 18

So you think you’re ready to become blooded eh? Well we’ll have to see about that Young Blood!


“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part One – Introduction & Overview

9 days ago 125

Come and join Oriskany and Piers from Ironfist Publishing to learn more about Battlegroup, a fantastic looking World War II ruleset for all manner of scales…

40k Charted: Psychic Powers - Part 4

40k Charted: Psychic Powers – Part Four

10 days ago 9
Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?

Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?

11 days ago 79

Welcome Backstage to check out
some great Kickstarters and
delve into a load of hobby
that we’ve been getting
stuck into this week…

Beasts of War Warhammer Fest 2016 Live Blog

Warhammer Fest Live Blog ... 45 UPDATES!

11 days ago 103

Join us for a weekend at Warhammer Fest
as we’ll be Live Blogging what’s going on
at the Ricoh Arena!

How to Paint Tartan... Part 3

How to Paint Tartan… Part 3

11 days ago 10

Romain adds the last fine details to his tartan kilt design for Infinity’s William Wallace.

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!

Weekender: Exclusive Dark Souls Interview & Warhammer Quest Looks Ace!

12 days ago 107

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded XLBS: Activation Tactics – ‘Double Tapping’ Your Units

12 days ago 10

We’ve been told a way of ‘double tapping’ your units in Bolt Action to get the most out of them. Come and find out more…

Bolt Action Locked & Loaded – Tank Assault Tactics

12 days ago 10

We’re learning all about Tank Assaults and how exactly to take down a tank at close quarters in this episode of Locked & Loaded.

3 Colours Up: Blue Alien Skin Tone – Part Two

13 days ago 6

Today we’re going to be finishing off the model in more detail with additional shading and topping things off with a touch of highlighting on some key features of the model.

Unboxing: AVP – Alien Queen & Facehuggers

13 days ago 16

Are you ready for trauma? How about some creepy questionable creatures diving into your own bodies? Well you’re in luck

Dark Age Week – Final Spot Prize Winners Announced

14 days ago 14

It’s time to announce who our final spot-prize winners from Dark Age Week. We hope you enjoy getting stuck into your prizes when they arrive at your door and we’d love for you to show off what you do with them in our Hobby & Painting Forum! Have fun!

VLOG – Painting Tutorials Coming Soon & New Hobby Labs In The Works

14 days ago 19

Romain is in for a weeks filming of new painting tutorials and Lloyd is working away on some new ideas for Hobby Lab!

Beasts of War Warhammer 40k Lost Patrol Project Vlog

Warhammer 40k: Lost Patrol Project Vlog ... 23 UPDATES!

14 days ago 163

Join us as we get stuck into the new board game, Lost Patrol from Games Workshop and have it ready to hit the table.

Community Painting Picks – Mutants, Beaches & Mighty Magmadroths!

14 days ago 9

Take a look at some more wonderful painting and hobbying from our community members in another painting pick!