Hide in 4Ground’s 15mm Lofted Cow Shed

September 1, 2014 by dracs

4Ground have previewed a new building that will be appearing in the next set of releases, a 15mm Lofted Cow Shed for your black powder era bovine.

15mm Lofted Cow Shed

This 15mm building is part of 4Ground’s La Haye Sainte Complex and will be a good addition to any European rural battlefields. While it is labeled as being for the age of black powder, these buildings would still be a common sight in Europe during World War II (the house I grew up in in England was a converted one of these), so it could easily find a place in games of Flames of War.

Have you ever used any of 4Ground’s buildings? What do you think of this Lofted Cow Shed?

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