Scibor Open the Dwarven Gates on their Webstore

May 12, 2014 by dracs

We have recently seen that Scibor Monstrous have been working on a new terrain piece for their dwarfs. That terrain piece is now finished and can be found on their webstore; it’s time to march through the Dwarven Gates!

Dwarven Gate

The finished Dwarven Gate is an imposing and well designed terrain piece. Including this as part of a fortification will not only mark it out as dwarf handy-work, but will also establish it as a terrain centre piece.

Dwarven Gate

It will be interesting to see how these gates look as part of a large table, or even alongside the walls that we saw Scibor working on.

Do you like Scibor’s gates? Will they be decorating the entryway of your fortifications?