Keep Track of LITKO’s Upcoming Trackers

July 13, 2014 by dracs

LITKO have previewed a bunch of new gaming accessories to help you in your various games, the most interesting of which is their new tracking dials.

Tracking Dials

These dials will help you keep an eye on the ever changing developments of your miniature combats, with wounds, speed, and shield having already appeared, and LITKO suggesting that other such trackers could be in the works.

LITKO are also showing off an upcoming measurement gauge that is styled to help make your games just a little bit more gothic. And by that I mean it has a skull on it.

Gothic Battle Gauge

Gothic Battle Gauge

This gauge is a multi-purpose measuring tool to help you keep track of troop movement. It is translucent, which is always a plus as it means you can see the miniatures through it and don’t have to get right down to accurately measure, but apart from the skull and font there isn’t really anything to mark it out as a gothic.

Do you ever use any of LITKO’s accessories?

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