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Wind Up Your Steampunk Pieces With New Gear Stencils From Brush4Hire

36 days ago 1

There’s a nice and easy way to add some fantastic steampunk details to your pieces with Brush4Hire’s newest stencil set. 3 different sizes of gears & rivets are just a brush or spray away.

Forge World Releases Their Own Set Of Airbrush Paints

38 days ago 45

Forge World has thrown their hat into the paint ring and have released a new set of airbrush paints.

Golem Painting Studios NMM Masterclass Trip Review!

575 days ago 10

The winner of our little contest last week went along to the Non-Metallic Metal Masterclass from Golem Painting Studio and gives us his impression of the day, the techniques and more!

Grab An Army Painter Mega-Deal This Black Friday

580 days ago 5

Army Painter have quite the deal for you to get your hands on this Black Friday. Will you be taking them up on this?

Win A Ticket To Golem Painting Studios Masterclass

584 days ago 14

You could be one of the very lucky few to attend a Non-Metallic Metals Painting Masterclass as we’ve nabbed a ticket to this sold out event hosted by Golem Painting Studios! Entry details within! Winner Has Been Chosen! Thanks For Your Interest!

Paint Like Giraldez With Vallejo's Two New Paint Sets

Paint Like Giraldez With Vallejo’s Two New Paint Sets

588 days ago 35

Renowned miniatures painter Angel Giraldez has been showing off two new paint sets from Vallejo, each complete with a step by step guide to help you paint like the master himself.

Backstage Sneak Peek: Aquan Stringray Class Destroyer!

629 days ago 8

Check out the first of our sneak peeks Backstage were you can learn some of the techniques Romain is employing on these special projects. First up we have a look at Romain’s work on the Aquan Stingray Class Destroyer.

A Bloodthirsty Pirate Jumps Ship From Andrea Miniatures

639 days ago 2

See what you think of this monster of a miniature from Andrea. This is a mighty piece that would look perfect in anyone’s big gaming room.

Kabuki Planning To Suck Your Blood With Upcoming Bust

649 days ago 3

See what you think of Kabuki’s next busty idea. Is this Vampire Countess going to be something that graces your shelf?

A Journey In Painting: From Fun To Competition

666 days ago 9

John Lyons takes you through his time as a painter and charts the journey from doing it for fun and eventually painting for competition.

Making Your Convergence Pop With Day Glow Pigment Techniques!

Making Your Convergence Pop With Day Glow Pigment Techniques!

708 days ago 19

Gav has put together an awesome painting guide
for making your Convergence of Cyriss pop using
Day Glow paint techniques.

Grumpy Old War Gamer’s Painting Competition

754 days ago 13

Check out some of the stunning miniatures that have turned up at the Grumpy Old Wargamers Convention here at Tabletop Nation. Pick out your favourite and I’ll have the whole lot up for you soon!

Worthy Painting & Worthy Gaming Closing Down

762 days ago 7

Worthy Painting are closing down which is a massive shame! Check the video within for details on the closure.

Get Some Tips in New Figure Painter Magazine

776 days ago 5

A new publication has come out to give you all some more reviews and tips to help with your painting. Please welcome Figure Painter Magazine.

Adam Finds an Actual Use For Liquid Green Stuff!

783 days ago 11

Over at his Tabletop Minions Channel Adam has made an incredible discover; an actual use for Liquid Green Stuff!