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A New Swashbuckling Pirate Arrives From Albino Raven Miniatures

8 days ago 1

Albino Raven Miniatures has just released a new 40mm Pirate Girl mini. This mini is full of piraty character, complete with a parrot, and offers the perfect canvas to show off your painting skills.

3 Colours Up – Painting Black Armour

30 days ago 15

Today we’re beginning a new painting series to show you how to paint Armour.

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part Two

72 days ago 7

I’m continuing on where I left off on the Alien Vs Predator model from Prodos Games; the Predator!

3 Colours Up: Painting A Predator – Part One

79 days ago 14

What’s the matter, CIA got you pushing too many pencils? grab yourself a brush, lets get started! DO IT NAOW!

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 2

Hobby Lab: Old Timey Western Water Tower Part 2

100 days ago 12

We’re back with another Hobby Lab, this time we’re confinuing off where we left off last week and building the scaffold part of the Modular Water Tower.

3 Colours Up – How To Paint a NMM Silver Stormcast Eternal

191 days ago 13

Romain is back with us once again to show us the beauty and genius of painting the Stormcast Eternals for Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar.

AdeptiCon Talks Ep 5: Kings of War With Mantic Games

194 days ago 4

One of the companies that are going to be at AdeptiCon 2016 is Mantic Games with Kings of War amongst other titles. We’re sitting down for a chat with them about the tournaments they are going to be running here and what else you can do Kings of War wise…

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A True Silver Stormcast Eternal

212 days ago 8

We set up shop again to start painting one of Games Workshops Age of sigmar Models, showcasing metallic technique with yours truly.

3 Colours Up – How To Paint A Star Metal Stormcast Eternal

219 days ago 11

Welcome back to another metallics tutorial from Romain as he shows you how to paint a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal Liberator in a Star Metal scheme.

Unboxing: Sparmax Arism Mini Compressor

228 days ago 16

John meets up with Brian from Anarchy Models to unveil the newest Arism Mini Compressor from Sparmax.

Unboxing: Sparmax MAX-4 Airbrush

235 days ago 8

John has got Brian from Anarchy Models with him to take a closer look at the airbrush you may have seen him use in recent videos such as weathering the Warhammer 40,000 Valkyrie, the MAX-4 from Sparmax.

Try Something New: Paint Like A Pro!

Try Something New: Paint Like A Pro!

295 days ago 19

We all love seeing the amazing paint jobs
that professional painters manage. Yet when
it comes to our own models, we often simply
make do with a quick dash of colour. So for
this month, why don’t we take the time to
paint something stunning?

Meg Maples Paints A Beautiful Nightingale For Twisted

345 days ago 12

So you thought the unpainted resin sculpt for Twisted’s Nightingale was lovely? Then the stunning paint job by Meg Maples will put it over the top. Look at how beautiful this Twisted mini is painted!

Wind Up Your Steampunk Pieces With New Gear Stencils From Brush4Hire

395 days ago 1

There’s a nice and easy way to add some fantastic steampunk details to your pieces with Brush4Hire’s newest stencil set. 3 different sizes of gears & rivets are just a brush or spray away.

Forge World Releases Their Own Set Of Airbrush Paints

397 days ago 45

Forge World has thrown their hat into the paint ring and have released a new set of airbrush paints.