Minis that caught my eye in Minirama

August 30, 2012 by lloyd

Last night I found some time over coffee to have a look-see at what’s been going on in Minirama and thought it might be nice to share some of the characters that caught my eye.

Fist I’m going to show you Sgt. Mack Torrey by Captain. I really like this guy, great shades and love the plants too.

Sgt. Mack Torrey by Captain

Next I thought I’d show Tzeentch Sorceror by thehivemind as the colours just pop out at you and I like how the base work makes this mini look more dynamic with the slope.


Now have a peek at Scrap-Thrall by zombiesrcool, this has some great grimy texture to it and neat highlighting too.


Rackham Dwarf by wildchevy, I just love the face paint, very striking!


Now here’s a wee 40K treat for your eyes DreadKnight Terminator Conversion by heavybolter. Very cool with converted parts sculpted by the painter.


Oh and last but not least I spotted this Ghost Dwarf by BoW Romain. Nice work Romain I’m a total sucker for this ghost shading.


Great work there, I’m glad I took a time-out to look at all the great stuff you lot have been adding.