Exclusive! Meet The Dastardly Dwarf Alberich of Panzerfauste!

May 17, 2015 by brennon

Hysterical Games have given us an exclusive look at the concept artwork for the masterful Dwarf in charge of the German forces in Panzerfauste, their new take on 20th Century World Warfare. Would you follow Alberich or fight for the Orcs who we also got a look at?

With An Iron Fist!

As you can see once you get past the rather long title he certainly has the look of an old school World War I German leader like Wilhelm. I think the concept art is awesome and it’s ace to see him still wielding an axe that I hope isn’t just for ceremony.


I have changed my opinion now. I’m no longer playing as the Orc Brits with their Highlanders. My money is on the German Dwarves and their mighty leader!

Keep The Home Fires Burning

On the side of the British we have two very different styles of soldier. As well as the Local Volunteers we have the mud caked and dangerous Commandos who both serve as equally important parts of the British army.

Local Orc Volunteer

Orc Commando

I think the artwork is looking superb for this game and it’s nice to see how things are developing for all of the armies we’ve seen so far being the Gnomes, Orcs and Dwarves. As I say my money is firmly on the German Dwarves but let me know what you’re thinking.

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"I think the concept art is awesome and it's ace to see him still wielding an axe that I hope isn't just for ceremony!"