Check Out Painted Miniatures & Background For Para Bellum’s Conquest

September 25, 2017 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames have been talking about their world of Conquest for a while now and we’ve been showing off renders of their upcoming models. Well, now we get to show off painted miniatures AND delve a bit deeper into the background of the game too!


We start off with a look at some of the Archers that you will be getting if you aim towards the Spire as your faction of choice in the game. Here you can see them, in their Oriental designed poses, firing their arrows at the oncoming enemy with pinpoint accuracy.


You can see how a lot of the style of the artwork as well as the colours used has been translated over into these models. In particular, as we’d discussed in last week’s Weekender show, it’s fascinating to see the asymmetry in their design with the arms loading and firing the bow in quick succession.

Spire Brutes

As well as the Spire Archers we also had the Spire Brutes, those hulking masses of flesh that are sent, berserk, into battle with no care for their own safety.


Once again we’re seeing the models in both red and purple schemes which show off the painful armour they are encased inside of and the bandaged and ravaged forms of the creatures beneath all that metal.


I think of the two colour choices they’ve made here I particularly like this one in the red with the green weapons. I think it provides a nice contrast and focuses in on the ‘rage’ of these creatures.

It’s interesting in particular to see the face of one of these creatures here in this model. It certainly suddenly makes you feel for them as the tortured beings they are.


One would imagine this also gives us a look at some of the alternative weapon options they have access to. The swirling power in those blades makes them look like brutal and sickening weapons.

What Is Conquest?

As well as these wonderful miniatures to take a look at from The Spire, we got some more information on just what Conquest is and where it’s come from.

Abt Conquest

Some of the points from there that we believe are of particular interest…

  • Plastic models!
  • Rules designed by Alessio Cavatore & Riverhorse with a different mechanic for a players round based on ‘stacking’ units in the order you wish to activate them.
  • Four factions at launch with plenty of expansion potential
  • The world features mature artwork and a mature setting for each of the factions

It certainly sounds like it’s going to be worth keeping an eye on this one to see just what they have in store.

As always, we’ll make sure to show off more of the game as we get it!

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"The swirling power in those blades makes them look like brutal and sickening weapons..."