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Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What's After The Gateway Game?

Weekender XLBS: The Joys Of Board Game Cafes & What’s After The Gateway Game?

27 days ago 74

We’re delving into more awesomeness with you Backstage!

WizKids Welcome New Young Adventurer Models For RPG Gaming!

30 days ago 10

WizKids is working away on some great new models for Young Adventurers to play with when they get stuck into the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Pathfinder RPG Collectable Card Game Coming To Mobile

78 days ago 4

The world of Pathfinder is coming to us as a collectable card game in the near future. The new digital game is going to be available on mobile…

Ninja Division Announces Miniatures For Paizo’s Starfinder RPG

157 days ago 4

Ninja Division is teaming up with Paizo Publishing to create a line of pre-painted miniatures to be used in the futuristic RPG, Starfinder.

Paizo Offers Up Villain Codex for Pre-Order For Pathfinder RPG

438 days ago 1

There is a new volume in the Pathfinder RPG collection from Paizo that is up for pre-order.

Unboxing: Battle Foam – Pathfinder Bag

666 days ago 8

We’re back with another look at what Battle Foam has to offer with their Pathfinder Bag. Do you need somewhere to carry all your RPG paraphernalia?

Pathfinder & Q-Workshop Team Up For Steampunk Dice Kickstarter

687 days ago 1

You may not always win with your rolls, but you can certainly look amazing when you roll with the newest dice from Pathfinder & Q-Workshop. The Pathfinder & Q-Workshop Metal RPG Dice Set Kickstarter has a really lovely, steampunkish themed set of all metal dice that are sure to impress!

Your Most Epic Roar May Make The Syrinscape Soundtrack At Gen Con!

764 days ago 0

Want to have a shot at Gen Con immortalization? Visit the Syrinscape Booth at the con to have a go at your best monster noises and you may find yourself on the official Gen Con Syrinscape soundtrack! Be epic enough and you might be Gen Con Dragon material!

Paizo Announces New Adventure Path That Takes On Giants

900 days ago 3

Paizo announces next Adventure Path Series, this time the challenges will be gigantic!

Pathfinder & Obsidian Entertainment Joining Forces!

1100 days ago 5

If you like the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game then you’ll be glad to know that there are plans for a digital version of the game, amongst other things, coming from Obsidian Entertainment.

Looking For Group? Try Their New Pathfinder RPG!

1101 days ago 1

Will you be Looking For Group with this new module and starter set based on the Pathfinder RPG system?

Why You Need To Try The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

1144 days ago 18

I’m fairly sure most of us love to do a bit of pen & paper role-playing but more often than not we just don’t have the time in our busy lives for big sessions. With the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game however you can condense that awesome experience into a new and neat format! Check out this review within!

Lost in the Dungeon? Burning Yeti Studios to the Rescue!

1147 days ago 0

Looking for help with your Pathfinder modules? The Lost Dungeon Series from Burning Yeti Studios LLC has the answer!

Unleash More Monsters With Pathfinder Bestiary IV!

1387 days ago 0

Will you end up summoning some strange creatures from the Pathfinder Bestiary IV? See what you think of it within.

The Razor Coast Swells With Center Stage Weresharks

1493 days ago 2

Check out the second miniature in the Razor Coast line from Center Stage Miniatures.