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Peachey Models Get Things Sorted For ShadowStug Salute

1206 days ago 4

Put some money towards charity and possibly win yourself a massive, massive tank from Peachey Models at Salute. See what you think about Project ShadowStug and all the rumbling machines on offer.

An Update On The Impressive Project ShadowStug!

1357 days ago 8

Check out the progress on project ShadowStug and the beginnings of a mighty Toroton Tank.

Peachey Models’ Factory Works Hard On The Shadowstug

1375 days ago 6

Check out the newest stage of the Shadowstug Project as we see the tank become more attuned to it’s historical roots.

Peachey Models Assemble The Army For Project Shadowstug

1382 days ago 2

Check out the next stage of the Shadowstug Project where the tank is getting it’s lick of paint and the army of the Eisenkern is joining the fight.

Peachey Models Give The Shadowstug It’s Commander

1399 days ago 2

Take a look at Peachey Models’ progress on the epic tank commander for their Shadowstug. The next stage will be awesome as they move towards painting it!

Peachey Models Add Character To The Shadowstug!

1413 days ago 2

See what it takes to control one of the massive Shadowstugs that’s being crafted by Peachey Models.

Peachey Models Bring Their Mighty Charity Tank To Life

1418 days ago 2

How do you like the progress on project Shadowstug from Peachey Models? They are doing it all for charity remember!