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Weekender XLBS: New CMON Song Of Ice & Fire Minis Game + Win Yourself 4Ground Goodies

Weekender XLBS: New CMON Song Of Ice & Fire Minis Game + Win Yourself 4Ground Goodies

9 days ago 165

TravelBattle From Perry Miniatures Up For Pre-Order

15 days ago 10

Perry Miniatures has put their awesome TravelBattle set up for pre-order on their website for its mighty launch at Salute later this year. Fancy heading off on a holiday and taking some miniature gaming with you?

Perry Show The Figures They’re Bringing In Their Travel Battles

21 days ago 12

Perry Miniatures have been working on the figures for their upcoming game Travel Battles and have just given us our first look at how they are shaping up.

Perry Miniatures Heads To The Desert With Napoleon

27 days ago 1

Perry Miniatures continues to expand their offerings into the wide world of Napoleon’s Campaigns.

Perry Miniatures Preview Upcoming Cape Frontier Warriors & More

31 days ago 1

Perry Miniatures has been previewing some of what lies ahead for their various ranges. Kicking things off we have some models for their Cape Frontier Wars range.

WWII Italians Watch The Skies With Perry’s New Breda 20mm Gun

60 days ago 3

If you’re wanting to watch the skies and make sure the enemy don’t drop onto your position from above then the Italians might like this Breda 20mm Gun which would be aimed at the skies from Perry Miniatures.

New Zulu War British Rank Up From Perry Miniatures

63 days ago 11

The Zulu War British plastic set is just around the corner from Perry Miniatures and with that, we get to see some painted examples of the new unit and a look at a few of the options available for them too.

Perry Brings New British Troops Ashore During The Napoleonic War

106 days ago 4

Perry Miniatures has released some new options to expand your British military and their troop movements during the Napoleonic Wars.

Mount Up In The Cape Wagon From Perry Miniatures

129 days ago 5

Perry Miniatures has put together a nice vignette piece that would be good for use as part of scenarios you have planned out on the Cape Frontier.

Perry Miniatures Show Off 3Ups For Their Zulu British

143 days ago 5

Perry Miniatures are now moving on to bring the Zulu British to life. Here you can see some of the 3Ups from the range so far showing off the command elements, basic troops and more.

Perry Miniatures Drive Out In New WWII German Vehicles

146 days ago 2

Perry Miniatures have released two new vehicles for the German forces of World War II; the Steyr 1500 Truck and a BMW Motorbike Combination.

The Perry’s French Dragoons Ride Onto The Sands Of Egypt

150 days ago 2

Perry Miniatures are growing the French In Egypt range with some more units of Dragoons on the way…

Union Skirmishers Join The Fighting From Perry Miniatures

164 days ago 13

Perry Miniatures continue to preview what’s coming for their American Civil War range. This time, they’re focusing in on the Union Skirmishers.

March With The Union Infantry By Perry Miniatures

172 days ago 5

Perry Miniatures have another big box of plastic infantry for you this time themed around the American Civil War. Will you be picking up the Union Infantry?

Carry The Troops & The Wounded With Perry’s New Vehicles

195 days ago 4

Perry Miniatures have designed two new vehicles for use in your World War II games. Both of them are for the German armies out there and include a way to get the troops into battle and a way to get them out.