Perry Bring Britain Dingos and Churchills To The Battle

February 12, 2015 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have two new vehicles for the Brits of WWII, bringing to the table a Churchill tank and the Dingo armoured car.


Now I am famously ignorant of tanks, but John tells me that he this Churchill has been converted to feature a Sherman’s 75mm gun. Reportedly, these were taken from scrapped Shermans that had been disabled by mines, and required that the gun be flipped to fit with the British right hand loader. This should add versatility to the Brits’ firepower, making this a good model to fill out the late war tank line.

Hot on the Churchill’s tracks is the Dingo.

Dingo Mk 1b Armoured Car

The Daimler Armoured Car, known as the Dingo, was a fast, four wheeled vehicle used for reconnaissance. It was first used by the British Expeditionary Force in the Battle of France and was apparently successful enough that a replacement wasn’t made until after the war.

Both of these vehicles fulfill specific battle field roles and together give British generals some tactical versatility. But Perry haven’t stopped with just vehicles, as they have also come out with a set of Indian Pattern Sun Helmets for the troops.

Indian Pattern Sun Helmets

Also known as pith helmets, this new head gear will help to keep your soldiers cool in the heat of the sun. Perry have shown them combined with their Desert Rats to show how they help change the theatre of combat your soldiers appear geared up for.

Do you collect WWII Brits? Can you tell us any more about these new models?

"This Churchill has been converted to feature a Sherman's 75mm gun."

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"The Dingo was apparently successful enough that a replacement wasn't made until after the war."