Perry Miniatures Add Both Knights & Billmen To Their Ranks

September 12, 2014 by brennon

Perry Miniatures are bolstering the forces for their War of the Roses range with some Standard Bearers coated in plate armour and then some Billmen/Pikemen to make up the ranks of the regular infantry…

Standard Bearers

Billmen (Standing)

Some cool armoured soldiers that would be a great addition to the existing boxed set of Foot Knights that Perry Miniatures came out with recently. Something different if you’re looking for an alternative Standard Bearer and I like the one in the middle the best with his sword raised in the air.

The Billmen are part of the ‘Standing’ group so they won’t be on the front line but further back in regiments. I do like it when you get this kind of thing as it allows you to make a unit of miniatures that looks like it’s moving on the battlefield. Billhooks like that were awesome for pulling a knight off his horse and then opening him up like a can. It certainly leveled the playing field between the lowly peasant and the knight.

Will you be adding to your medieval army?

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