Union Skirmishers Join The Fighting From Perry Miniatures

October 14, 2016 by brennon

Perry Miniatures continue to preview what’s coming for their American Civil War range. This time, they’re focusing in on the Union Skirmishers.

Union Skirmishers #1

As you can see you’re provided with all manner of interesting components with which to build your Union troops. While the Civil War is something we’ve never explored it’s starting to fascinate us!

Union Full Boxed Set

You can see them all arrayed in a few different ways using both forage caps and slouch hats to give them slightly different looks. There’s an attention to detail here which the Perry Twins are masters at.

The sprue gives you an idea of how they’ll look when they come in the box too.

Union Sprue

Now the real problem is where do you go from here? Once you’ve picked up this much plastic you need to find a set of rules to play with.

What would you folks suggest?

"While the Civil War is something we've never explored it's starting to fascinate us!"

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