Perry’s Chasseurs A Cheval & Zulu Warriors Coming Soon In Plastic

April 25, 2017 by brennon

At Salute this year one of the previews from Perry Miniatures showed off some of their 3-Ups for new Napoleonic cavalry options and some Zulu Warriors. Let’s take a look…

French Napoleonic Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-13

First up we have these French Napoleonic Chasseurs a Cheval for the period of 1808-13 who will be coming as part of a plastic kit in the near future. They’re looking highly details and packed with options for their outfits and weapons as you’d imagine from a Perry Miniatures box.

This alternative make-up of French Napoleonic Chasseurs a Cheval was also shown off…

French Napoleonic Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-13 (Alternative)

This is from a later period during the 1800s but they seem like they’d make for a great Napoleonic force, ready to battle for France.

Zulu Warriors

The Perry twins haven’t forgotten about the Angl0-Zulu War however and we are soon going to be able to pick up Zulu Warriors to battle against the British in plastic.

Zulu Plastic Kit Preview

You will have options as you see here plus kneeling and firing pose options. They will also be throwing in some casualties to use as markers on the tabletop too.

Have you got your hands on the British and now just need some warriors to face off against them?

Let us know below!

"The Perry twins haven't forgotten about the Angl0-Zulu War..."

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