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Warlord Games Prepares Before A Pike & Shotte Battle

322 days ago 1

Warlord Games have added some more diorama and narrative building miniatures to their collection for use in Pike & Shotte. Here we have the Before The Battle sets allowing you to set up camp before the storm breaks.

Command The Pike & Shotte Ottomans From Warlord Games

486 days ago 1

Warlord Games continue building on their Ottoman army for Pike & Shotte with some Command Sets which enable you to lead the Janissary into battle and some Casualties for when things go wrong…

Pike & Shotte’s Ottomans Receive Janissary Archer Support

500 days ago 6

The Ottoman Empire in Warlord Games’ Pike & Shotte are getting some ranged fire support in the form of the good old Archer. There are two flavours of set for you to pick from with both Advancing & Firing giving you a way to mix and match regiments…

Join The Musketeers On Another Pike & Shotte Adventure

511 days ago 2

Warlord Games have put together a few new packs of metal miniatures for use in Pike & Shotte to bolster the French forces during this turbulent period of history. See what you think of both Musketeers Marching and Veteran Musketeers protecting the King…

Join The Ottoman Janissaries For Warlord’s Pike & Shotte

552 days ago 4

Warlord Games have put together a new set of miniatures for the Ottoman Janissaries in their game of Pike & Shotte. The whole collection is metal and provides you with two units of twelve men with different weapons…

Warlord Games Has Gone Heat Crazy With Free Plastic Sets

579 days ago 11

Warlord Games is having a big summer starter special. I think the heat is melting their brains.

Warlord Gets English Timber Terrain From Sarissa Precision

605 days ago 2

Warlord has the new English Timber line of terrain from Sarissa Precision in their store right now. This line offers a wonderful range of buildings to use in all sorts of games including: Black Powder, Pike & Shotte and even Bolt Action!

New Command Group & Veteran Musketeers From Pike & Shotte

639 days ago 3

Warlord Games has 3 new sets for Pike & Shotte ready to storm into battle for you. The Command Group, and 2 Veteran Musketeer sets will bring the skill and tenacity you need into your battles.

Warlord’s Pike & Shotte Expands Into The War of Religion With Infantry

642 days ago 3

Take a trip back in time when firearms were just becoming a more common place in warfare in Europe and the pike was still a mighty weapon.

Warlord Charge With Musketeers For Pike & Shotte Under Cannon Fire

676 days ago 5

Fly your colours and signal the cannons to fire as you rush forward under the boom of artillery with Musketeers looking to breach your lines. Pike & Shotte sounds so cool doesn’t it!?

Fight In The Devil’s Playground For Warlord’s Pike & Shotte

689 days ago 7

Does fighting in The Thirty Year war sound like an appealing prospect to you? Check out the newest supplement coming your way from Warlord Games for Pike & Shotte.

Warlord Preview The Gendarmes & Arquebusiers of the 1500s

797 days ago 5

Warlord Games are continuing to put out previews as part of their own advent calender celebration, the latest of which shows off a some more miniatures which are in the works for Pike and Shotte’s Wars of Religion; riders of the mounted arquebusiers and gendarmes.

March to the Beat of Warlord’s Musicians

800 days ago Comments Off

Warlord Games are working on expanding the Wars of Religion miniatures range, starting with a pair of musicians.

Warlord Games Buy 16th Century Pro Gloria Miniatures

802 days ago 13

Warlord Games picks up the Pro Gloria line that would be perfect for their Pike & Shotte range. Do you play this rules set from Warlord and do you use the Pro Gloria line?

Load Your Gear Into This Pike & Shotte Baggage Wagon

842 days ago Comments Off

Warlord Games have a new release for the game of Pike & Shotte, letting you load up your army’s gear into this Baggage Wagon.