An Army Of Samurai Appear To Pre-Order For Pike & Shotte

December 17, 2017 by dracs

Warlord have a new Pike & Shotte army up for pre-order, a force of Samurai ready to take to the field.

Samurai Starter Army

Samurai Starter Army Contents

This set features all the warriors you would need to make an army straight out of Japan’s turbulent history.

It includes eighty ashigaru infantry (spearmen, riflemen, and archers), twenty samurai foot soldiers, twelve samurai horsemen, and one samurai commander figure.


Samurai Ashigaru

Samurai Commander

A full army of these is great for those wishing to recreate the battles of Japan’s iconic feudal era, as well as providing a good stock of minis for use in Test of Honour.

As a solid Japanophile myself, I am really excited to see Warlord coming out with a fully army of samurai. It is also good to see that, along with their Wars of Religion range, they are expanding to Pike & Shotte era conflicts beyond those that affected Europe. I wonder how they will choose to build upon this step into Japan’s history.

Do you plan to pick up this army for yourselves?

"All the warriors you would need to make an army straight out of Japan's turbulent history..."